The Credit Hospital

The Credit Hospital is a UK based credit repair company

The Credit Hospital is a UK based credit repair company

We are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Any UK Company that offers advice on debt or credit repair to a consumer must display an FCA Authorisation number on their website. This demonstrates that they are qualified to offer this service to consumers and are a legitimate, established and honest company.

If a company does not display an FCA Authorisation number on their website they could be trading illegally and if so they should not be used – check the FCA Register here.

Our service provides an in-depth and comprehensive credit repair programme available for residents of the United Kingdom.

The products that we offer include analysis and assessment of your current credit profile, debt counselling and advice all the way through to a fully supported credit repair programme. We can help people discharged from Bankruptcy or an IVA and we consider each situation on an individual basis and offer a free no obligation consultation.

Select the type of service you require

You may need to deal with your debts before you start to repair your credit history, and for this reason The Credit Hospital website is split into two separate sections. If you are unsure of exactly what you need just call!


piggyAre you struggling to get a bank account or credit in general?

Are you being refused or rejected when applying for credit and don’t know why?
If so STOP! Don’t make any further applications until you speak to The Credit Hospital – you could be damaging your credit record further the more that you apply. Too many applications for credit will look desperate to lenders. The Credit Hospital will help you to find out why you are being refused and then take steps to correct the problems.


Do not confuse the Credit Hospital with other credit repair companies offering to “clean” your credit record. Whether you have been Bankrupt, completed an IVA, have CCJs or defaults The Credit Hospital can help you on the road to recovery!