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Bank Accounts

Trouble getting a bank account?

Sometimes people struggle to get even the most basic bank account and become frustrated because the banks won’t say why they are refusing this facility. The fact is that everyone is entitled to a basic bank account (unless you have a history of fraud) even while you are Bankrupt or in an IVA.

Depending on your credit rating you may be offered a premium bank account with overdraft and cheque facilities or just a basic bank account with no extras such as overdrafts or cheque books. Sometimes starting with a basic account is the best way forward as once you have built up some history with the bank or building society you may be able to upgrade and obtain extra facilities.

Pre-paid credit cards are also a useful extra when a person is struggling with credit. These can be used in a similar way to a bank account with wages being paid directly onto the card. The card then works in the same way as a normal credit card apart from the fact that you can only spend whatever money you have “loaded” onto the card.

The Credit Hospital can help you to get a bank account. Most refusals from banks stem from problems with your credit record so it makes sense to look at what the banks will see and to try to identify the issues.

The Credit Hospital’s full analysis will check your credit record and once any issues have been resolved The Credit Hospital will help you with getting a bank account. This will also assist with improving your credit profile.

Banks and Building Societies also change their criteria on giving accounts to people on a regular basis. For this reason its best to speak to The Credit Hospital to see what is on offer at this current time, call now!


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